What is Art Therapy?
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 Art therapy is based on the idea that the creative process of art making is healing and life enhancing and is a form of nonverbal communication of thoughts and feelings (American Art Therapy Association, 1996)

Art therapy encourages Client’s to discover suppressed feelings, thoughts and emotions that they may be unable to articulate or express verbally within a supportive and nurturing environment of the art studio under the guidance of a art therapist.

By incorporating art therapy directives and modalities through the act of drawing, the use of art materials and art work this becomes a spring board for clients to have active discussions, and a deeper understanding and expanding reference points for lasting change.  

Clients participating in art therapy will see an increase in:
Self-confidence, realization of their own potential.
Ability to make decisions and take actions.
Development and assertiveness skills, which leads to improved relationships. 
Creativity and spontaneity.

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It doesn’t matter how one draws, it is the expression of thought and feelings that are important.
Art Therapy offers individuals a new dialogue to explore......
It is not necessary to be an artist....
Art therapy brings non-verbal thoughts and feelings to the surface.......
Art  Therapy: 
Materials + Directives
what words cannot....
A new way of Self Expression and Discovery
You interpret what the art work, the image and what the process means to you......

The process not the product is important.....